Welcome! I Can Help You Release What is Standing in the Way of You Being Your Most Fully Expressed, Sensually Alive, Empowered Self.

Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy, Tantra, Inspiration

Hi! My name is Shezza and I want to help you let go of those old patterns that are holding you back from being YOU because you are a gift that the world needs! I believe that our bodies are walking miracles and the Earthly home for our Soul and you deserve to come alive with sensual pleasure and radiance. 

I want to help you be free of guilt, fear, shame. You are worthy of living the life of your dreams! I teach people how to live with greater acceptance, freedom, and joy through my Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy Sessions, tantra workshops, and online courses.

May we remember ourselves as the beautiful Divine Love that we are!

May we be humbly empowered, consciously sensual, compassionately humorous, and shine in our uniqueness as WARRIORS OF LOVE, FREEDOM, AND TRUTH!

What I Do For You

I teach tantra workshops around the planet, helping people to release shame and fall in love themselves, just as they are. 

Through my workshops, Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy, and coaching, I help you release trauma so that you can live in the freedom that you truly are. Whether you want to be more confident, feel more sexy, love your body, remember you are lovable, build your business, or attract healthy relationships, I am here to empower and support you! 

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