4 Ways Women Can Have More Powerful Orgasms

30% of women don’t know if they’ve ever had an orgasm before, and 70% don’t regularly orgasm through penetration alone. I guess it’s no surprise considering the fact that we’re taught things at school that we forget 10 minutes after the test, but we’re never taught about the infinite orgasmic bliss that is our birthright. I know what sex ed was at my school and it certainly wasn’t teaching women about their multi orgasmic selves. I seem to remember the teacher putting a condom onto a broom stick was about as exciting and graphic as it got.

The truth is that women’s power is in their pleasure. Women are naturally designed to have waves of bliss running through their entire bodies as they make love, and this can radiate into all moments of life. Women’s pleasure is not limited to her genitals, and we can literally be channels of sensuality as we learn to channel out sexual energy throughout out entire bodies.

But through lack of education, trauma and stress, women’s sexual centers close down. On top of this, women are often required to function more like a man, working their ass off in a world that is far from devoted to the divine feminine. And as a woman functions like a man in her life, her sex begins to function like a man. Rather than the multi orgasmic bliss that is her true essence, she experiences the one hit wonder sort of orgasm in her clitoris that is similar to the ejaculation of a man.

Some women have not been shut down. Their sexual centers are on from the time they are young and they never have to “work” on opening it up. This is indeed rare, and most women are fumbling around in the dark somehow knowing that there is more to sex than “this” but unsure how to reach their ultimate sexual potential.

The truth is that most women’s body’s need to be reawakened. The best way for a woman to open is either with a professional daka or sexological bodyworker, or more commonly, through making love with a man who gets her very turned on and can hold a safe container for her to find her electric SELF. Then, as her body is aroused, she can then do the inner work to open up her channels and her ability to reach her sexual potential, which is limitless.

Here are my 4 most important points that every woman should understand and practice when looking to go deeper in her sexual potential.

  1. As you’re having sex, feel the painful feelings in your body that you have around sex. When the belief that you aren’t good in bed pops into your head, feel how that feels in your body. When your head starts thinking about what happened yesterday and what you’re going to be doing tonight, feel that in your body. When your pussy feels numb and like there is nothing happening inside of it, FEEL! When old memories or traumas surface, stay with them and send them love. Lovingly notice the way the mind wanders or the body shuts down. The only way to work through these blockages is to feel them, be with them, nurture them and love them. Then they can unravel and heal and the sexual center can begin to open.
  2. In the beginning, moving sexual energy can feel like pretend. However, it is only through the imagination that one can begin to work with energy. The martial arts experts who can break bricks with their hands are working with energy, and that begins in the imagination. After some practice, the woman can bring her sexual energy that is in the genitals into every part of her body. The easiest way to begin is through the chakras. Perhaps even less abstract than the chakras is to bring the energy up through the belly into the heart, throat and deep into the brain and the crown of the head. Then bring that energy back down through the body to the sexual center. After some time, the beautiful energy of arousal can go into every part of her body, nourishing every organ and every cell. This is not some made up story, this is an absolute possibility for every single woman on the planet. But while this happens spontaneously for some women, most women need to believe, pretend and play with the energy in order to move it around the body, opening up the channels and surrendering to her multi orgasmic self.
  3. Pump the PC muslces. These are a group of muscles inside of the vagina. The easiest way to identify them is that some of them are used to keep from peeing. Squeeze those muscles while having sex. While these muscles squeeze involuntarily when having an orgasm, the woman can create orgasm by squeezing the muscles. And when squeezing the muscles and bringing the energy up through her heart center, opening up and expanding, she can begin to experience waves of pleasure.
  4. Throw out the vibrators! Ok, if you really truly enjoy your vibrator than by all means keep playing with it, but once in a while! Woman who use those things all of the time become desensitized and it eventually it will take an earthquake to make her cum. Plus, she relys on a machine rather than her own natural ability to experience pleasure

Every woman is built for multi orgasmic bliss. There is no woman who has been left out or who is not capable of awakening her full body, sexual capacity. We are hard wired for it, but sometimes we need to play with the software in order to make it work. If you know that there is more to sex than what you are experiencing, I assure you that you are well equipped to experience all the longings of your sexual heart with a little understanding, practice and imagination.


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