Authentic Communication Wins!

A couple of days ago someone wrote me asking about something I said that confused her and made her question me. My immediate response was to feel a bit defensive and think that she was somehow being judgmental. But then I realized that she was doing what I appreciate in others most: authentically communicating rather than making assumptions. This is the only real way to resolve our differences.

Human beings are complex characters who inevitably misunderstand and trigger each other. When we fail to reach out and communicate, we make silent judgments that may be microscopic or color our entire perception of someone. It takes a lot of courage to communicate and it may even be momentarily uncomfortable for both people involved. But ultimately we can come to a place of understanding and our relationships deepen and become more real.

In this case it took a couple of emails back and forth, but eventually we found there was a misunderstanding and we were actually on exactly the same page. I’m so grateful to Angelique for taking the time to write to me so that we could find a deeper love and respect for each other. It’s so refreshing to once again experience the fruits of real communication and see that it always wins!


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