Be Yourself, Love Yourself

As I sat with my friend who told me about her heart wrenching obsession with an ex who had moved on to his next girlfriend, I offered her the practice of putting her hand on her heart and saying “I freaking love you” to herself as a possible Solution to her quagmire. “That’s so cheesy,” she replied back.

It’s true, it’s the ultimate new age, cheesy, hippie chick cliche. But in my 20 years of learning and teaching every sort of technique, practice, and tool that I think there might be on the planet, I find that really loving myself through the rough spots may get the gold metal for most consistently effective. But it makes sense, because when I’ve caught those glimpses of who I really am, I’m just me watching myself, with the most juicy, unbounded, all fired up, unlimited, full power, saucy love and joy in every single moment of this Earthly existence. So to me, loving myself is not some cheesy, age of Aquarian, ungrounded, hippie quackery, it’s remembering and practicing being MYSELF.


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