Being a Traveler Anywhere

When I was in 8th grade, my favorite and most inspiring teacher of all time, Ms Von Vihl, taught us social studies through her own travel experiences. As I watched her slides of Egypt, India, and Africa, a fire burned within me. I knew that I was a traveler, and the minute I finished University I flew across the globe and became what I was meant to be.

People have asked me how many countries I’ve been to. I have no clue cause I don’t care. For me traveling is far more than going to places to see stuff, although that’s certainly part of it. Traveling is a state of mind. It’s about practicing the sacred art of hanging out and going with the flow of each moment with fresh eyes and an open heart. I feel deeply at home when traveling. 

We can actually tap into the magic of traveling anytime and anywhere, even in a place as familiar as the one where we grew up... which is exactly what I’m about to do. Next stop: Colorado. 

But first I had to stop off at Mystic Hotsprings in Utah where the water contains so many minerals that it creates these bizarrely beautiful orange rock formations that look like giant brains. I love being a traveler on this gorgeous planet. 


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