Choose Your Critters!

In my first career as a natural health practitioner, I discovered that the root cause of many health issues was parasites and candida. The more the body was taken over by these invaders, the greater the health crisis. The only way to bring the body back into balance was to kill these invaders off, and perhaps more importantly, to create an environment where they cannot thrive. After all, these critters live off of unhealthy food and an unhealthy inner ecosystem. 

I’ve come to realize that on an energetic level, humans often get taken over by “invaders.” These energetic critters thrive off fear, guilt, and shame. Our job is to create an environment where they no longer have anything to feed off of and where only love exists. For most of us, this requires a great deal of Self work. We must question everything and stop believing in deeply ingrained belief systems. We must take full responsibility for our life and the world we live in. We must unhook ourselves from the media and collective paradigms to find what is true for us. We must be relaxed yet vigilant to when those old stories that run our life reappear in even the most subtle of ways. We must love ourselves unconditionally, and at the same time not put up with our own bullshit. 

Only then may we live fully alive from our soul’s essence. Only then are we free to choose only the critters we want to hang out with. #muppet #critterlove #wakingup #nomorebullshit #truefreedom #livefromoursoul


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