Dealing With Family From Another Galaxy

Last night I was watching the gobsmacking election with a group of people. One person called Trump supporters the usual names, like ignorant, uneducated, and evil. I had to step in and let her know that my entire family except one sister is voting for Trump, and that what she is saying is not altogether true. She looked at me with a stunned face and said that if she had family who were voting for Trump, she’d cut them out of her life. I ended the conversation there.

This morning I feel the emotional shock that so many are experiencing. And I feel triggered when I see status updates by my family that are praising Jesus for hearing their prayer, that God is blessing our country even though we don’t deserve it (being the terrible sinners we are), and now he’s going to “make America great again” through this amazing new president. But I also feel gratitude. I haven’t met many people who are as out there as me who have a family as out there in a different way as I have.

As challenging as its been to be me and come from a right wing, fundamentalist Christian family, I consider myself blessed because I know how to love people who seem like they come from a different galaxy. Believe me, this has not been an easy path, but while so many people are freaking out with a complete inability to relate to the other “side,” I know that the only answer to conflict and EXTREME differences of opinion is love. And I know this not because I read it in a spiritual book or had some guru tell me, but because I have had to learn it over and over and over again with my family. Sometimes I fail and sometimes it’s really hard, but I’m not going to cut them out of my life because they’re good people who love me, even though they have what seem to me extreme views.

And this is what we’re here for. Each one of us is here to learn how to love fully through our own unique story, and right now more than ever we need to fight for love on a global scale. I’m not saying we need to agree with anyone and obviously we need to stand up and make our voices heard, but I can share with you that in my very personal experience, love is our greatest weapon, the only real religion, and the only one who will always get my vote.

Here’s a picture of me with my grandparents. My grandpa believes most of the world is going to burn in hell for eternity (me included unless I give my life to Jesus), that even George W is too left wing, and says many things that would get a lot of people’s blood boiling. He’s also one of the best men I know, and is one of my greatest spiritual teachers because he is radiating a love that I had to go and find for myself. People are complex beings. Remember CHOOSE LOVE!!!!


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