Deep Soul Presence for Everyone

People often think that Tantra is all about better sex. This is certainly one super awesome dimension, but I also love offering Tantra workshops where everyone connects on a soul level with everyone. I’ve witnessed so many men having powerful breakthroughs working with other men. One moment that comes to mind was when two straight, male strangers sat gazing into each other’s eyes and gently touching each other’s face. One of them shared afterwards that he’d felt so uncomfortable he’d nearly ran out the door. But slowly he was able to totally relax and open his heart until all gender faded and he simply experienced two souls appreciating one another. 

As I always say to these courageous men, this is breaking outdated paradigms and healing thousands of years of disconnection between men. Women are generally more likely to connect and touch each other in a non sexual but intimate way. Men have so many more subconscious fears of being “gay” or a sissy.” So many men have only the most superficial relationships with other men, or none at all. 

I love so many aspects of the Tantric path. But perhaps the part that is most precious to me is the art of connecting deeply with the love inside of our own hearts... the love that we are...and then getting to meet others in that place of soul presence. 


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