Developing Our Own Masculine And Feminine

“Don’t try to tame me. I am the divine feminine!”

Recently I’ve been hearing so many stories of women who are using their “wild feminity” as an excuse to be an unconscious brat. David Deda and other modern relationship experts have brought us powerful information on how the masculine and feminine polarities work. No one could possibly deny that women are generally more emotional and changeable, and when men are solid and able to ground the female ups and downs without strong reactions and freakouts, relationships function best.

Personally, I was the stereotype of chaotic femininity last weekend as I waited for my monthly blood. I wasn’t a pretty sight and I’m grateful to my man for standing strong and making me laugh when I could have never found laughter myself. But the truth is I’ve seen women in the “conscious communities where these female/male paradigm teachings are popular, use them as an excuse for their unconsciousness. I’ve heard of so many women basically saying, “I can do and act however I want because I’m the woman and an expression of the wild divine feminine, and if you don’t stand strong and take it then you’re not being a REAL MAN.”

While it’s certainly important for us to understand relationship dynamics and how women can really sink into their womanliness and men can find the strength of their masculine, I also believe it’s important for each of us to find our own inner masculine and inner feminine. When the feminine chaos arises and our minds and emotions are spiraling out of control, isn’t it up to each of us to be our rock? Learning to remember and be the stable presence of awareness no matter what is happening seems to be an important part of our soul’s evolution.

And surely there’s a macho male inside of each of us that has trouble fully feeling and letting go. Don’t we all need to learn how to nurture ourselves and surrender to life and love?

Surely as we find our own inner divine feminine and divine masculine, we become more whole and complete human beings. This is not to say that I don’t like a strong and grounded man (cause I do) who can deal with me when I get a little crazy, cause I’m a very womanly woman and bound to get a bit crazy. I’m absolutely attracted to men who can lovingly and humorously handle me without creating more drama. But the wild feminine most definitely does not equal unconscious brat. The more we find our own inner stability and rock (pardon the pun), the less likely we need anyone else to be anything other than exactly what they are and our relationships become more harmonious and joyful.


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