Divine Sovereignty

It’s funny to think of all the ways 

I’ve lived inside a fairytale haze

The subtle ways I was on the chase

To finally find that perfect place

How much time and energy I spent 

Trying to get something to make me content

But trying to make it all happen out there

Only led to great despair

Finally I woke up to really see

Everything I’m wanting is inside of me

I discover this super powerful force

A deep connection to the Source

That has never left and will never die 

A true friend and stable ally

And it’s funny how when I don’t need those things

Then so much Magic the Universe brings

Longing is such a potent door 

When we see what we’re actually longing for 

Is to live and breathe as our Soul

To be truly complete and utterly whole 

Then We can chill out and simply allow

Endless beauty to find us somehow

Oh Universe, I get how you play with me

You so lovingly force me to finally see

That nothing out there will set me free

But my own Infinite Divine Sovereignty


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