Empower Your Inner Victim

A great number of people on this planet live their entire life in victim consciousness, and even the most empowered of people can suddenly find themselves falling into old feelings of victimhood.

Why, because we are human, and the human mind believes that it is a victim when it finds itself in situations that are not comfortable and wishes people and circumstances were different. It’s easy to remember that everything is perfect when things are going tickety boo. But when people are not behaving the way they SHOULD be according to our internal picture, then our victims come out to whine.

Even after years of spiritual work, my small self in victim mode wishing things were different still raises its head every now and again. We’ve all got an inner victim, the best way to deal with it is to recognize and own it so that it no longer has power but can be empowered. Very little can drain the vibe out of life and relationships more than that little voice that says, “but (INSERT PERSON’s name) is (insert irritating behavior) and making me (insert negative feeling and action).

Recently my inner victim came out for a full power melt down when my relationship with my landlord descended into a pit of drama. I won’t go into the details, but I was seriously triggered and the stories that my mind came up with were like a lunchtime soap opera and they swirled around my head throughout the day. My body felt stressed and tired. It was a classic victim scenario.

To make matters worse, my inner critic snubbed my inner victim for being a complete and total failure for existing. “How old are you and how long have you been “working” on yourself?” It asked patronizingly. “You should be Buddha by now, certainly you should not be getting triggered and feeling insecure at this point in your life!”

Luckily the voice of my Higher Self could be heard amongst all of this turmoil, and took control to remind me that I’m NEVER EVER a victim. Every situation is there to help me grow and the people who trigger me most are great angel teachers sent by the Universe.

This is why relationships, even those ones with the landlord that triggers you, are ultimately so healing. Nothing brings up what it is that we need to look out like the person in front of us who is pressing our buttons. Only through reflection from another, which is really our own SELF being shown to us in the external world, can we learn about the parts of ourselves that need to be seen and are in need of love. The more we SEE and LOVE, the more we are not controlled by our small self and can blossom into more of who we really are.

In my case, this insecure victim who was feeling bullied and angry needed some attention.

By now, many of us are aware that we are not really that insecure, triggered person being toppled by the situation we are in. We are coming to realize that we are infinite and powerful. The saga that is being played out in the 3D world is the perfect opportunity to connect more deeply with the loving intelligence of our True Self.

When we lovingly feel the feelings of our victim without trying to change them, we eventually and sometimes even instantly diffuse them. When we do this relentlessly, those situations no longer appear in our lives because they have nothing left to teach us. We’ve learned the lesson and we’ve loved them out of existence.

And no matter how obnoxious the yapping of your inner critic gets, remember it is perfectly ok to feel feelings of anger, resentment and hurt. These feelings do not mean that we are a spiritual failure. Everything is happening within consciousness as the perfect expression of NOW.

In my case, I moved out of my house. Fast forward one month, it is so clear that this was exactly what needed to happen for so many reasons. The triggering angry feelings I had for my landlord feel like a far away dream. Life has flown so perfectly ever since and perhaps my victim had a damn good reason for coming out… it was time to move on and I would have never taken such a bold step if it wasn’t for my landlady and the squeals of my victim. Maybe the whole thing was orchestrated by my Higher Self to get me out.

And, I feel more of that small victim part of me has been loved, healed and purged out of my field. It’s never pleasant when the victim is out, but when we’re on the other side, we are more empowered and more of OUR SELVES.


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