Enlightened Master In A Muppet Suit

After 9 months of searching dog shelters I finally found my muppet 4 years ago. When I walked past her cage she barked at me with a sincerity that made me know she was speaking to ME. Other people walked past and she didn’t care. The lady who worked at the shelter then told me that she’d already been adopted, but the people brought her back because she was “too playful.” Imagine adopting Lila and bringing her back to a high kill shelter! And Too playful? This is the most chilled out dog I’ve ever met.

But I suspect that what happened was she arrived at their house and thought, “Hold on a second. I’ve got a mission on Earth, and it’s not hanging around with these people.” So she created so much drama that they’d bring her back and she could claim her destiny as one of the most well traveled, adventurous dogs on the planet. I often say one of my life purposes is simply to bring Lila everywhere I go because she brings so much joy and sweetness to so many people. We’re now visiting old people’s homes once every 2 weeks so that she can spread her healing love some more. As a friend said last night, this isn’t a normal dog, this is an enlightened master dressed up in a muppet’s suit.


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