Feel it All

There’s nowhere to go but right here, inside of our utterly miraculous body. So much of my passion in my work is to help people fully inhabit their bodies. After touching, what feels like a gazillion people, I can tell very quickly how much one lives inside of their own skin, and I find so many people are living in their heads while their bodies follow them around lifelessly. 

I understand this all too well. As a child I actually remember making the conscious decision to escape my body. I lived much of my life floating off into my own secret world to avoid the pain of this one. It’s been a journey to arrive fully into this body, and I continuously have to remind myself HERE I AM!”

Truly the juiciest gift we’ve been given is to be ALIVE inside of this sacred vehicle. I have found that the most potent practice to live within this body is not yoga, breathing, or dancing, although all of those are powerful and often necessary tools. But in my experience the ultimate practice is to simple FEEL all of our pain with love and compassion. For it is the avoidance of pain that makes us want to jump out of our body and into Facecrack, food, another person, our thoughts, or any other distraction we can find. We may even use yoga or dancing in attempts to avoid ourselves. 

In order to feel our deepest pleasure, we must also feel our deepest pain. When we distract ourselves from feeling pain, we eventually become numb and cut ourselves off from the fullness of life. When we commit to sitting in the fire of all of our feelings with love and compassion, our being stops fighting and relaxes. In that space of relaxation, we can experience pleasure in the most subtle and sweetest of ways. We create a cozy, safe place here inside of this body, where all parts of ourselves and life itself are no longer rejected and judged but welcomed home. Then what used to drive us crazy no longer has power over us. 

For example, you may have met a younger version of me who was insanely resistant to cold, grey, wet weather (driving people around me nuts with endless complaining.) But HERE I AM quite enjoying myself in cold, grey, wet weather! (As usual Lila surrenders completely to what is including being a wet muppet.)


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