Honoring All of Our Emotions

Today I relish that I’m ALIVE and I will live in my natural state of joy and ease. 

But I want to honor the times in my life when saying “just be happy and think positive” was impossible, unhelpful, and downright annoying. There are those of us who were born to experience some pretty intense emotions. As empathic souls, we not only have to learn how to deal with our own pain, but the fact that we’re feeling everyone else’s. 

Many of us must take the profound journey of learning to relax and hold the vibration of love in colossal waves of emotion. Doctors often call it a chemical imbalance. But many of us understand that we signed up for this... to help clear outdated patterns for the collective. Part of our life purpose is simply to learn how to be present, FEEL, and welcome all parts of ourselves home, even when everything inside of us is in a knot of resistance shouting NO... I should not be feeling this! 

Today my practice is joy, feeling good in my body, and sinking into the remembrance that life is flowing through me and as me. I’m grateful, not only for this moment of sweetness, but for all the gifts received in sourness.

Here I am the other night wearing my official Multidimensional Warrior of Light uniform. I earned those sparkles! 


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