How To Handle Intense Emotional Storms

What can I say; I’m an emotional woman. You may not see it straight away, but if you hang out with me long enough, you’ll eventually see that there are times when I can turn into one of those dramatic, erratic, women whose emotions have taken over.

I’m not alone. Most people on this planet must learn to ride the waves of emotional ups and downs because this is part of Earth School’s curriculum. The consistent confrontation of my own inner catastrophes has forced me to learn how to navigate the waters of intense emotions simply because there has been no choice.

The dedication to finding my center in my emotional turbulence has brought ever increasing levels of necessary consciousness. The alternative of course would be medication, and I never believed that was my path.

So how do we deal with strong emotions? Those little buggers that have us down on our knees begging for mercy or lying in bed with tears pouring down our face and no desire to get up. Or the little ones that prod and niggle us, how do we learn to successfully live with joy when all that is going on?

    1.We Are Not Our Emotions

What a relief when you discover that you are not your emotions. For me this is a work in progress. Sometimes I forget and I once again get toppled by fire erupting inside of me…. Until I remember. We are the awareness where all thoughts, emotions and situations arise, and when we remember who and what we are, the emotions can come and go and we remain calm and centered (mostly). To know that all is happening but we are the solid space watching brings instantaneous and expanding levels of solace.

    2. Love The Emotions and Love the “One” who is Having Them

The great awareness that is watching all of life is a force of pure love. I’ve met it and I know that this is who we truly are. When we swap from being absorbed in our drama to being the loving presence of the Universe, our heart opens and we are no longer controlled by the chaos of our inner world that is reflected in our outer world. By saying, “I love you” to the emotions that arise as well as the “Person” who is having them, we become our Higher Self and the emotions have less power over us.

    3. Feel the Feelings For Freedom

When deep emotions emerge, one of the most alleviating things I can do is to just feel the way they feel in my body rather than thinking and analyzing the situation that appears to be causing them. Sometimes they are very extreme, but as I feel them, they don’t have such a strong hold on me. I become the “loving feeler” rather than the victim, which diffuses the impact of the emotions and brings peace. This can be done in the car, while speaking to someone who is bringing up our negative feelings, and when things get really strong, we may need some time alone to feel, love and process the intensity arising inside.

    4. Purge the Emotions for the Collective Unconscious

When we live as the awareness that loves all of our emotions exactly as they are, we heal all of the people on the planet that have ever had that painful emotion. At the deepest level, we are all ONE. We are all the same consciousness watching itself and experiencing the vast array of emotions. So when we watch, love and feel our feelings without getting bawled over by them, we purge them out of our own field and the field of all of humanity.

So the next time you feel a wave of intense emotion, remember it’s not who you really are, you are the awareness watching it. Feel it fully, love it unconditionally, and do all of this for the benefit of all people on the planet, especially those who are suffering and don’t have nearly the resources and consciousness that you do.

Do it for great great great grandma Cindy and great great great uncle Joe and all of your ancestors. You are a powerful being who can make a difference to your own life and the planet just by understanding your own emotions.

With practice, these emotions will no longer have hooks and holds on you. Personally, I’m experiencing far less emotional intensity, and when those waves do come, I’m able to see it, love it, and not let it take over my life and ruin my day.


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