I Believe We Can Be Petroleum Free

I was raised in the oil business. In fact my mom met my dad because he worked with my grandpa at a big oil company. As my Facebook newsfeed is dominated by people against the standing rock pipeline, I decided to call my dad yesterday and hear the other side, since I respect his intelligence even though we seem to live in different dimensions. I humbly started the conversation with, “I have no idea,” because the truth is I don’t. Sure, spiritually and morally I’d like to stop this pipeline, save the water and let the natives live in total harmony with the Earth, but I personally have no idea how to get myself off of my biggest addiction: oil. I know many people who drove and flew up to standing rock to protest the pipeline from all over the world, but ironically used oil from pipelines to get there. I regularly drive in and out of Topanga canyon thanks to gasoline, and I probably need my own pipeline for the amount of flights I’ve taken in my lifetime. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg… Our whole civilization seems to based around oil, and we’re all part of it.

My dad says there’s no good, efficient alternative to oil and gas. According to his statistics, solar, wind and other alternatives are mere blips. I sent him some articles on alternatives, a graph of all the oil spills, and an article on people who have been killed for creating alternatives but I can’t be sure of any of it because I’m not an expert in this field. He states that we have at least 200 more years of oil in this country and perhaps there will be an alternative between now and then that is actually realistic, but we may as well enjoy our lifestyle in the meantime rather than go into the dark ages because he doesn’t believe we will find a viable alternative in my lifetime, let alone his. He says there are already 8 pipelines underneath standing rock and sent me the following (lame) picture which shows all of the pipelines in the US.

It’s really dawning on me that one of the core issues of our lifetime is how are we going to get off of oil. As for me, Im open to making some lifestyle changes, but many of those feel complicated and insignificant. For instance I’ve been considering stopping flying for years, but it’s not my life and is that going to really going to save the planet? For now, I’m spending time each day praying and knowing that we can collectively find a way to live in harmony with the Earth. Im not a scientist and will admit that I live in a bit of a fluffy dream world, but I believe in magic. Unlike my dad, I believe that it’s our Destiny to be PETROLEUM FREE IN MY LIFETIME so that we can stop raping our Mother and create paradise on earth!


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