I Can Just Be Me, Completely Real

Oh the times I didn’t say what I mean

Too scared to actually be seen

I didn’t want to appear needy or sad

That, said my ego, is really bad

Better to look happy all the time 

Put on a smile and say you’re fine 

Oh and I had other strategies too

Little tricks I learned to do 

I’m good at saying what another did wrong

I know how to appear super strong

I thought vulnerability was just gross

When really I was scared to get close 

Believing others can’t handle me 

they’ll run if they really see

I’m not just a girl with a big smile

I’m deeply sensitive meanwhile 

but I saw all of this is such a waste 

When my vulnerability I faced

And I made one important shift

I saw that it is such a gift 

It’s where we meet inside the heart

This human family we are a part

And wow, I can simply make a request

And tell someone how I want to be blessed

I can share exactly how I feel

I can just be me, completely real


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