I Know What To Do

A few weeks ago I came back from a trip in England where I felt I was on a magic carpet ride floating from one glorious moment to the next, only to find myself in a deep low in LA. I missed the people and humor of the UK and I questioned (again!) why the heck I’m in LA, or America for that matter, when I can go anywhere. But nowhere was calling, and really, I just wanted to run away from the disconnection, lack of inspiration, and that ancient feeling that somehow the divine script got lost.

Fortunately by now I know exactly what to do in existential depression. Don’t believe in your mind. You gotta hold tight to the eternal loving presence that’s always right there, and know that you are feeling and healing not only your own pain, but the pain of your ancestors, the collective unconscious, and a planet that desperately needs people who understand how to relax in the fire of human emotion, (I mean, with a task like that, thank God for some superb TV shows on Netflix!!!) And then one day, it passes, and the excitement and sparkle returns. And in all of that (and there was a lot), I managed to manifest the exact living situation I wrote about months ago when I moved out of my last place: my own beautiful guesthouse in Topanga on an epic property with true friends in the main house to make delicious meals with, plus a chlorine free jacuzzi and sauna surrounded by mountain views. Even in the storms, blessings abound and we are always taken care of.


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