I'm Home!

Years ago in my attempt to quench the feeling I was having of being totally lost, I visited a soul reader. She’d been highly recommended and had a three month waiting list so I was curious. But I was gobsmacked when she told me I had come from another galaxy to help raise the frequency of the Earth. She said there are quite a few of us visitors on Earth, but she’d never seen one as homesick as me. 

Now who knows if this story is actually true... it really doesn’t matter. But my life suddenly made sense in a new way and I could finally put a label on a feeling I’d been experiencing since childhood: homesickness. 

I felt much better after that, but the feeling of searching for home has continued to surface. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve traveled all over the planet and found many homes that I love and feel deeply connected to... but THE HOME continues to elude me. I’m always hoping I’ll finally discover my perfect paradise, but nowhere seems to be exactly IT. 

Flash forward to Soulplay festival last week. I went to the ballroom to find my coat and happened to stumble upon a Freedom Dance workshop. The energy was so potent that within seconds the dancing vortex sucked me in.  Out of nowhere tears were running down my face along with an overwhelming feeling of being HOME. 

“I AM HOME.” The message permeated my Being...It was suddenly so obvious that Home is not a place but a state of being. No Earthly place will ever fulfill my longing for home because home is not out there. 

I’d heard it before, but I experienced it deeply: we can never truly be lost, homeless, or separated from the warm, cozy, eternal paradise within. And as we remember the yumminess of our inner home, we feel more powerfully at home wherever we happen to be and whatever situations come our way.

I AM HOME in my body, home in my heart, home in this moment... eternally and forever... HOME. 


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