Give Thanks for Your Family

In the past week I’ve witnessed several Facebook friends publicly end relationships with close family members because they’re Trump supporters. This touches me on a very personal level. I understand how many people are finding this three ring circus unbearable. At the moment I’m extremely fortunate to be in an other-dimensional bubble where I’m totally free of the political story apart from Facebook. But in three weeks I’ll be in Washington DC, home of the great circus, and then I’ll be making trips to visit my fundamentalist Christian, Trump supporting family (who are also very loving and fun). I give thanks for my family who teach me how to practice being love. 

I pray from the depths of my soul that when Fox News is on for hours every morning and my mind wants to react to the (in my opinion) ludicrous brainwashing madness, that I am able to hold a vibration of equanimity. I ask for help in resisting the temptation to get in debates because I already know that the only way to win the debate is to be loving and lighthearted. When I’m told of this dude called god who is going to send me and all my friends to hell, I pray with all of my being to hold tight to the Goddess within so I can reflect it out because that’s so much more powerful than arguing. 

This isn’t always easy, in fact it’s ongoing work for me. But religion and politics aren’t worth creating disharmony within our families. Sometimes I forget and find myself reacting and arguing. But I know that choosing love in the face of intense opinions and dogmatic beliefs (my own and other’s) is part of my path to fulfilling my soul’s ultimate mission on Earth: to be the embodiment of Love. May I find connection with others rather than creating more separation and judgment. May I be a person who responds with inspired action and good vibes rather than reactions and arguments. I’m grateful that I chose my awesome family who love me so much and offer me this beautiful opportunity to become more of who I really am...


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