Inner Stability

I used to feel slightly embarrassed at how deeply I was searching for freedom. I was that weird girl traveling through India 20 years ago trying to find something that would help me feel normal. When most girls were wanting to have babies, I was attending an almost ridiculous amount of workshops, trainings, and ceremonies, whilst guzzling all the spiritual teachings and practices I could. 

It’s not that I have some traumatic story, my life has been mostly blessed, but I could not bear the prison of my mind. I could not stand to have such a mess going on inside that was so clearly not the Truth. Only a few who know me well really understand how deeply I’ve devoted my life to my own freedom, because I knew that only in my own freedom could I truly be of benefit to others. There really was no choice... I just had to.

It’s incredible to feel how this is paying off. How stable I feel. I no longer have bad days. My mind is a very pleasant and creative place to hang out and when this old patterns show up, I no that I don’t have to believe in them. No matter what’s going on in the world, I feel chilled out and joyful like I remember being as a little child (see photo). As we approach this next eclipse, I feel many of us who have been on the long journey are breaking free in ways we’ve worked so hard for. 

And if you’re going through the fire right now, please know that it is entirely possible that you can clear this and come out the other side to live in freedom. Please keep going, keep believing that you signed up to experience exactly the life you have and that with the powerful intention of your heart, you are destined to live as the Truth of who you really are. 


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