It's all a Reflection (Poem)

When all of life is completely unfurled

We find there is only ONE in this world

In every face a reflection I see 

Of various parts and aspects of me

Some are beautiful and super sweet

And Sometimes my dark side I meet

And when i see the biggest jerk

that’s when I must do my work

Cause when I get triggered to my core

That’s the moment to explore

The drama going on inside 

The world will not let me hide

Life is really way more rad

When I can own what triggers me bad 

Then others I don’t need to blame 

And I can be in charge of my game

I give up the old and tiring fight 

Each trigger a reminder to find my light 

And so thankful for reflections Divine

People who show me the beauty that’s mine 

Every face a chance to see

The ONE that is inside of me


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