It’s Just Your Turn To Live In This Moment

When I was 23 I came back from my first trip in India with a face full of acne and a desperation to discover a natural way to cure it, especially after a doctor told me, “there’s no reason for it, it’s just your turn to have acne.” A passion for holistic health was brewing inside of me, and every cell in my being reacted to this doctor. “Couldn’t it be something i’m eating?” I asked him.

“No, it’s just your turn to have acne. Take these antibiotics and see if they help.”

“But I’ve just come back from 9 months in Asia and my stools have been soggy for way too long and I probably have parasites chomping in my guts.”

“No,” he said with an annoying authority that triggered me to the core of my being, “it’s just your turn to have acne.”

I refused to buy into his unintelligence and I scoured books, saw holistic therapists, and eventually studied to be a natural health practitioner, all in the name of curing my acne naturally and proving that man wrong. I eventually succeeded in clearing my skin and his voice rang inside of my head as the epitome of ignorance for years to come while I worked as a nutritional and holistic practitioner.

The irony is that I now agree with him, it was just my turn to have acne. Not in the way that he meant, but when I think about my life, I cannot imagine who I would be without those big red spots that dotted my face and agonized my soul. I had a 10 year career fighting against that man’s point of view and a passion for helping people come into greater health and wellbeing. I’m honored to say that I still get letters from old clients telling me how much I helped them. My entire view of life was transformed because of those terrorizing zits and 17 years later I have nothing but gratitude for the fact that despite all the reasons they were happening on a physical level, in the big picture, it was just my turn to have acne because acne had gifts I needed for my path.

Life is full of magic right now. I’m about to board plane to Mexico and so much beauty is happening inside and out. But I watch when my mind claims this happiness, as if it’s caused by something I “did,” or mine to keep forever and ever. Actually, it’s just a time to be happy. And with humility I acknowledge that tomorrow I may be challenged in just the right way, and I surrender to the infinitely magnificent and perfectly crafted story I get to live. And when I’m dead and I look back on the tiny blip that was this life, I will smile equally at the moments of struggle and the moments of joy because I will see that there could never have been one without the other. It’s all one big beautiful unfolding pattern. And if I can embody that knowing now and embrace every moment as just my turn to be and feel whatever is happening as a prelude to the next chapter, then I relax and find a freedom that is totally beyond the inevitable highs and lows of this earthly existence.

It is just my turn to live this moment, and I say yes!


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