I’ve been meeting up with so many amazing people in the vortex that is Paonia. For example, this guy who I used to live at the hippie commune in Topanga with. We talked a lot about love. There are so many different versions of love, but they all lead back to Love.

We talked about the people who know they’re here on Earth to BE Love. But that’s a big task for a human. And if that’s your life purpose, then hold onto your horsey because you’re going to have to face each and every part of you that is not love and believes love is something other than what it actually is. 

And let’s face it, we all have parts of us that have completely forgotten....but those are actually the perfectly crafted layers that lead us back to Love. There’s no short cut to Love other than learning to Be Love. Over and over again, every moment. 

Sometimes you wanna jump off this path, but Love will keep fu*%ing with you. Eventually it will demolish us all. The question is, do we complain, fight, and stomp our feet, or do we JUST SAY YES... to LOVE


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