Learning To Be A Seed

We all want to be flowers in full bloom, but sometimes we forget that every flower was once a seed sitting in the dark ground waiting for the perfect timing to burst forth in its colorful glory.

Last week I went to an art opening in Downtown Los Angeles, and as I perused the sculptures made out of random materials from the streets, I met Jay. He told me how he spent 5 years dreaming of leaving Long Beach and moving to San Francisco. But every time he tried to move, or do anything for that matter, life blocked him. He wanted to meet a woman but nothing happened. He wanted a new job, but he was somehow stuck. Finally after 5 years he decided he was just going to give up trying to change his life. If he was stuck in Long Beach with a crap job and no girlfriend, he’d at least take advantage of the ocean and get up and surf everyday.

Shortly after his revelation on the way to the beach one morning, he met a woman who was working at the café he went to get his morning coffee. It was very quickly obvious that they were a match. As synchronicity would have it, she was from San Francisco and within a short period of time, she got a job back in the Bay.

He beamed as he told me that he was getting married to the love of his life next month AND quit his lame job and was finally following his old passion as an artist AND was finally getting out of Long Beach and moving to San Francisco. “Life made me wait 5 years,” he was nearly jumping up and down, “And I wouldn’t have it any other way!”

The story felt infinitely familiar to me. I so deeply understand the frustration of trying to “make it all happen” when it feels like pushing a brick wall up a steep street and being forced to go back into my cave, get quiet and wait. It’s a powerful spiritual lesson to learn to be like a seed. Imagine if you went for a walk and you heard a seed shout out from underneath the Earth, “I want to be a flower now! Being a seed is so lame! This sucks!” You’d probably be a little surprised to say the least. 

A seed doesn’t worry that it’s not going to blossom and it never tries to shine too soon cause it doesn’t care. It’s fine just being a seed. The greatest nourishment we can give ourselves as a seedling is to relax and be our eternal loving SELF who trusts that life blooms through us in the perfect way and in the perfect timing.

We may end up being a pink flower rather than a red one, but we are all becoming the beautiful flower we were always destined to be… effortlessly… and at the same time, we constantly go back to being a seed.

Here is a picture of Jay and I and a horse sculpture made out of LA street junk!


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