Let Spirit Flow Through You

You may have heard the word ‘Channel’ as someone channeling some celestial or highly evolved being in another galaxy, or someone who can channel your aunt Janet who died last year.

In fact, channeling does not have to be so specific. Channeling is really just learning to be so open that the Infinite Power of the Universe moves through you and expresses Itself as your uniqueness. Most great works of art, pieces of music and things that are truly healing are “Channeled.”

Another way of saying this is that we relax so deeply that we allow our soul to take full control of our Humanness. Rather than creating, working or loving as a person, we are allowing our souls to flow through us. Our souls are the powerful, eternal part of us that makes our hair grow and our blood flow around our body. It knows what to do, and while it may use our mind, it is not the mind.

Being a body worker and massage therapist for many years taught me how to channel. Rather than using strokes that I was taught in a class and then following them point by point, I scratched all of that, got out of my head, and learned to let my body massage in a way that was unique to each person. My fingers began to find points and the client would say, “Oh, that’s the spot,” and I wouldn’t even really know how I found it.

There’s a certain amount of stillness that is required to channel. This doesn’t mean that your mind must be completely free of all thoughts, but rather that you allow your soul to do the DOING. In fact you may be feeling and thinking all sorts of thoughts and experiencing all sorts of feelings, but they don’t get in the way because your deep openness allows LIFE to flow through you.

There’s also a certain amount of mastery that needs to take place for most people. Perhaps there are some who just instinctively know how to write a song, for example, but most people need to learn to play the guitar and practice writing a few lyrics.

Then at some point, the Universe is able to take over and your deepest gifts and talents can come alive. You are suddenly able to do things that you may have previously thought impossible, or you don’t even know how you did something. It may have JUST HAPPENED. You are channeling the Universe, filtered through your uniqueness. This is your offering to the world.

While spirit seems to flow through me while I massage, as well as other areas of my life like song writing and love making, there are other areas where there is less flow and more effort required. Household chores, for example, are still a major challenge.

Perhaps our highest potential is when every move we make is consciousness moving through us. Life becomes grander than what our minds can even envision and becomes a celebration of beauty and service to humanity simply through our existence on Earth. We are pure, unobstructed channels of the divine. I look forward to the day when doing dishes and cleaning the toilet brings such effortless joy!


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