Loving Your Body Right Now!

This picture was taken in the dressing room of a second hand clothing store. This dress was definitely too tight, but I loved it so I walked out into the store to see if that would help it fit. It didn’t. A woman said she loved it but I told her it was way too small. “Oh you should buy it,” she said, “It will give you an incentive to lose some weight.” 

The fact that it’s “normal” to assume that someone wants to lose weight is a really sick part of our culture. So many people are literally OBSESSING! The drive to be the “perfect” size eats away at their freedom all day everyday. 

I want to say that I deeply believe in striving to be a healthy weight, because healthy FEELS good. I’m not wanting anyone to comment on my figure (I know the dress is cute but it didn’t fit! 😍). But I’m open to inspiring others to take care of their body because I truly do take care of mine in a way that I consider to be balanced and joyful. I believe my body is perhaps the greatest gift I’ll be given in this lifetime. Imagine all the cool things I get to experience thanks to this precious vehicle. 

Everyone’s healthy weight looks different. No matter how “thin” or “perfect” our body is, if we’re constantly judging and analyzing it we will never enjoy the opportunity to live in this skin. It’s also important to regularly remind ourselves that we are not our body. It’s simply our sacred instrument and one day it will wrinkle up and be gone. Love, accept, nourish, wiggle, and give thanks for the one we’ve got while we’ve got it, doing all we can to make it a sweet and pleasurable home so we can truly BE ALIVE!


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