Phone Addiction and the Power of Trees

Hello, my name is Shezza and I’m a phonaholic. Sometimes at a red light, I reach for my phone to distract myself from boredom. I’ve found myself “waking up” and realizing I’ve been in a phone coma for an unknown amount of time. Sometimes I get intense urges to grab my phone and search for something on the internet that seems vital but in reality is just a total waste of time. 

I remember a friend saying, “someday they’ll have everything on the phone... your music, photos, email, internet.... everything.” That happened fast. 

The whole thing is bizarre. Nearly everyone is at some level addicted, but we’re all kind of ignoring it. My psychiatrist friend says the amount of kids who are severely addicted is shocking... some of them shake from withdrawals! 

Where are we headed with this? I have no idea. For certain this is something we are going to have to deal with at some point. For now, I’m practicing leaving my phone at home or in the car when I can. I practice being fully present with others and attempt to catch myself when I unconsciously reach for the phone. And I spend lots of time with trees. Trees are the polar opposite of phones. They emit pure positive energy rather than radiation. Trees fill my body with life. They calm and de clutter my mind. They give so freely and lovingly. 

Phones have their good side for sure (my gps saves me from being lost all the time) but they also have a big, dark, murky shadow side. Trees also have a shadow, but only when the sun is shining. Mostly they’re just super awesome friends. 

I say the world needs less phone time and more tree time! 

And speaking of trees, we went on the #Topangaartwalk yesterday and found this beauty in the middle of someone’s living room!


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