Phones The Drug Of Our Generation

GET OFF THE PHONE! Why Technology is the Drug of our Generation

Only a few years ago when we contemplated addiction, the obvious vision was the young man chugging bad beer or the woman getting out of her mind on substances.

Abad date was someone who had bad breath and boring conversation.

And we may have escaped life through binge eating, exercise or sex.

But today we have an addiction that has hit us so hard most people are getting hooked. The substance: technology.

My name is Shezza, and I am a technoholic, and chances are very high that you are too!

Ok, so maybe this addiction is not ruining my life and I’m not contemplating checking myself into a rehab center, but when I notice myself mindlessly grabbing my phone to check Facebook when stopped at a red light, I have to admit that I’m not free of this techno trap.

Sometimes I get so sucked into facecrack that 30 minutes have passed and I may as well have been on a mind-altering substance.

My neighbor is a psychologist who primarily works with young people. He says that they are nearly all addicted to technology and many of them find it extremely difficult to get through their 1-hour session without flicking through twitter or checking out the latest gadget. The kids of today don’t know life without computers, and to me it’s a worrying phenomenon.

And for those of you who are in the dating game, Rule Number 1: Magically transform your IPhone into what it really is… your phone. If you receive a phone call or text, then you can choose whether it is the right time to answer, but getting absorbed into the internet when you’re meant to be getting to know someone is just plain bad manners, not to mention highly unattractive.

Last year I spent 6 months in India and by choice used a flip phone rather than a Smart phone, (meaning I used a phone rather than an incomprehensible, multidimensional, should be in a sci -fi movie computer in the form of a hand held device.) I can’t tell you the freedom I felt in just giving up my phone for 6 months. I went on Facebook ONCE per day when I made it to the Internet café to check it. And get this… I even took days off! I know, it’s a little crazy, but it is still possible for a human being to not get on the Internet for an entire day! Folks, I am living proof and can attest to this possibility.

Personally, I’m not an incredibly scientific person, but I can feel that my brain and attention span has begun to shrink since the advent of the Internet. I mean, I listen to books rather than read them and who has time for an entire book anyway when you can get 50,000 bite size pieces of information in a 20-minute period.

And have you seen the pictures of what happens to your energy field when you’re on your phone flipping through YouTube videos! It’s messing without brains people!

So let’s just imagine what this is doing the young children who are just arriving on planet earth right now. Many of them are getting far less actual human interaction. Why bother entertaining your child with a game of tic tac toe when you can hand them an ipad guaranteed to keep them quiet for hours. Playing dress up, restaurant and Barbies are boring compared to the games you can play on the Internet. And imagine that these children have NEVER, EVER been away from cell phone and Wi-Fi radiation! Get the children off the computer and out into nature… dear LORD!

So what are we going to do about our technoholic society? The answer is the same answer to every question we can ask ourselves, and that is to become conscious of our actions. It’s surely obvious to anyone who is semi conscious that wasting our life away on the Internet, even if it’s all high vibrational, highly spiritual texts and videos and articles and Facebook updates, is not our highest destiny.

True connection with others, nature and ourSELF without the interference of technowaves is vital to our health and wellbeing, not to mention our soul evolution. You don’t need to check your Facebook again; you just did it 5 minutes ago! Become conscious, take breaks, put down your phone, turn off your computer, play silly games with your children, family and friends. HAVE SEX!!! Put down the technodrugs and get present to your feelings, your life, and your reality. It doesn’t matter how many people liked your instagram photo…. I promise, you can check in the morning!


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