Poem: Anger is Cool

Poem: Anger is Cool 

By Shezza

I found out I thought that anger was bad

Not an emotion that “spiritual” people had 

I’d forgive quickly just like I was told 

But then the anger my body would hold

It’s all just a reflection of you 

This is something I knew to be true

So rather than get angry I’d “work” on me

All of my parts that needed healing I’d see 

But I wouldn’t actually get angry at him 

Over that part I would simply skim 

I tried to get angry but I just could not

In “spiritual” jargon I was caught

My Inner angry girl I must tame 

take full responsibility and never ever blame

being stuck in my “ victim story” is so not cool 

I’ll just pull out another self healing tool

But anger was still buried down deep 

And into my life hidden anger would seep

But One day it all came pouring out 

I had something to be angry about 

What he did was total bullshit 

No more spiritual slogans to gloss over it 

I let myself scream and get really pissed 

My sacred anger I finally kissed

And as I allowed myself to fully rage

I could truly begin to turn the page 

No more bypassing with a spiritual trick 

I don’t have to chill out...he was a dick! 

And obviously I see my part

And of course I’ll find the love in my heart 

But fuck it, I’ll be mad for as long as I need

To let anger pass by and truly be freed


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