Poem: Dreaming Heaven on Earth

I see the ways you complain, oh mind

The things that aren’t quite right you find

Life could be a little sweeter you say

You grasp and hope for good one day

And while good is happening here and now

It’s not quite good enough for you somehow 

But Mind, you go do your crazy thing

In awe and appreciation i will sing

It’s time to look deeply at all the ways

negative thinking has us in a haze 

What will keep us feeling stuck

Is when our mind is jumbled in yuck 

Believing those thoughts they seem so real

With loving awareness the layers will peel

Start with the fact we breathe in and out

That’s the kind of miracle I’m talking about

Mind, just open your eyes and look around 

Endless reasons to give thanks abound 

Choose to complain and merely survive

Or treasure this moment fully alive

Resentment is a sticky glue 

Forgive everyone and start with you

Be careful watching too much news

Cause that is sure to give you the blues

I no longer believe in worry or doubt

I already know everything’ll work out

Wake up everyday to a glorious day 

So many blessings, hip hip Hurray!

Oh mind, in every moment may you rest

With open curiosity we find our zest

I promise there is great relief

On the other side of those sneaky beliefs

All the things we want to have and see 

A beautiful world that’s happy and free 

It all starts here in our mind 

All those stuck places we must unwind

As we allow ourselves to die and rebirth

We harness the power to dream heaven on earth


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