Power of the Yoni

Thursday I facilitated a Yoni Adoration Ritual for women in San Francisco. Yoni is the Tantric term for pussy. I wanted to lead this workshop because I know that beyond porn or a cheeky peek here and there, most heterosexual women have not had the opportunity to check out at a bunch of other yonis with childlike curiosity. Further, most women have not had their yonis adored and appreciated outside of a sexual or medical context. 

Each yoni is unique, mysterious, and perfect as is. Every time I lead this ritual, it’s always so healing and empowering as layers of personal and societal shame fall away and we we remember our pussies as a Divine portal for creation to flow through. Plenty of tears fall as we adore and receive adoration and prayer over our yonis. It’s also so much fun and freeing. 

I’m grateful to be doing this work and for all the women who show up with vulnerability and wonder to an event that by “normal” standards is pretty wacky. But in my experience wacky can lead to transformation! And I believe in the POWER OF THE PUSSY! 😻


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