Running a Business Like a Tantric Queen

I’m going through a major initiation around business, facing negative patterns and blockages. When I’m teaching workshops, seeing clients, or creative writing, it’s like breathing air with joy and flow. But when I’m at home alone getting down to the nitty gritty tasks, I feel overwhelmed and spiral into a puddle of yuck. This goes back to being the ADD kid who absolutely hated school and spent most of it zoned out. I’m a right brain visionary channel. Trying to function like a left brain work warrior makes me want to crawl into bed. 

However, its time for me to shake things up! I’ve been working with a Tantric business coach who is helping me find a new way of running my business like a Tantric Queen. How can I find pleasure in the details. How can I make writing that email like writing a love letter. How can I create a sacred space, feel good in my body, and transform an hour of “work” into a sacred date with the Divine. 

Most important for me is to take the pressure off. Everything I’m meant to do is going to get done. But it’s only going to be fun if I trust the process and relax in the sensuous delight of each little task. 

Tantra doesn’t just happen between the sheets, it’s a way of life! It’s the art of finding pleasure in everything we do, including the tough bits. It’s about eating our dinner, washing dishes, and getting sh%* done with a relaxed sensuality in our bodies that radiates the joyful devotion of our soul. It’s about finding the extraordinary in the ordinary. 

Here I am just completing a task I’ve been putting off for months... totally rocked it thanks to superfood smoothie, potent jasmine spray, and every tool in my toolbox.


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