Tantra... What does it Mean?

Here’s a few of us glowing after yesterday’s Tantra workshop. To call my workshops Tantra or not has been a big question for me since this word has been narrowed down to little more than sex and is loaded with projections and preconceptions. Upon arriving here in Guatemala, I was quickly told by several people to not use this word as it was associated with several unfortunate incidents and a lot of drama (not a surprise at all.. there’s some bad Tantra out there.) And yet I find myself unable to give up the word because it is, quite frankly, the most beautiful and meaningful word of my soul.

Tantra is so much more than sex, or rather sex in the Tantric sense is so much more than two people “doing it.” Eating chocolate, for example, can be a passionate and orgasmic delight. For me Tantra is the celebration of being inside of the this human body. It’s a path of compassionately and honestly investigating our shadows and not so pretty parts so that we can be free. It’s the art of being sensually alive and connected with ourselves and others.

I’m sure that if Tantra was a woman, she would laugh in the face of all the drama and projections on her, as she cannot be boxed and blows all black and white thinking into vibrant color. She certainly would kick anyone’s ass who took advantage of others as she stands for healthy boundaries and deep, vulnerable, honest communication. She loves love (she is love)... particularly when love is encapsulated inside of a body and then gets to be shared in various ways with others that brings more healing and joy into the world. Sometimes I have to pinch myself that there is this ancient spiritual path of liberation that also encourages the highest quality touch and Massage AND you get to have mindblowingly hot, super connected, shame free sex!?!?!?!

Maybe I’ll change my mind, but for now I’m going to continue using the word Tantra because I just love it too damn much! My intention is to always hold this word with the highest integrity and create safe spaces where people can go deep into really loving and embracing all parts of themselves so we can collectively remember that our humanness is holy. From there we can connect more powerfully and open heartedly with others and all of life. I believe that what the world desperately needs is way, way, way more good quality Tantra.


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