Tantric Massage: More than Massage

Here’s me demoing one of my many signature Shezza moves In our Tantric Massage workshop this past weekend in Virginia.... my feet are massaging around their shoulder blades, I’m shaking my butt to Massage their butt, and my hands are massaging their feet and calves. But there’s so much more going on than just the Massage. For example: breathwork, consciously moving energy, cultivating playfulness and pleasure, releasing shame and trauma, practicing presence, and remembering our bodies as a miraculous vehicle for the soul. It’s really cool to practice something for years and then get to teach and inspire others with all the little subtleties and knowledge you’ve acquired. I believe this sort of meditation is healing and empowering (not to mention SO MUCH FUN) for both giver and receiver. I hope to see it become far more popular in my lifetime.


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