The Earth... SHE’S ALIVE!

When I was a child I was taught that God gave humans dominion over the Earth. We can do whatever we want because the Earth is an inanimate object and all the plants and animals are soulless. Only humans have souls and only we can go to heaven. Ultimately it doesn’t matter what we do here on earth as long as we believe that Jesus died for our sins because someday soon Jesus is coming back to judge us and we will all either go to heaven or hell and the Earth will just dissolve. 

But the Earth... SHE’S ALIVE. I feel her. May we all transition from self centered parasites into loving stewards of this beautiful, abundant, spirited Earth. May we remember our inextinguishable connection with her as long as we’re in these bodies. May we open our minds to more super power technologies so we can live in complete harmony with her. May we love her, be sensual with her, make sacrifices for her, and treat her like the Queen Goddess that she is. May our presence be a blessing to her. Thank you pachamana. I’m so grateful that I get to play with you.


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