The Global Yummification of Planet Earth

So many moments of epicness on my latest adventures through California. One of the highlights has been Soulplay festival. It felt like a soul family reunion! This is the sort of next level festival I’d like to see explode all over the world because I believe it’s really needed. In addition to the amazing music, off the hook dancing, yoga, and workshops that I’ve seen at other festivals… Soulplay also had a foundation of authentic relating, Vulnerable communication, sensuality, sacred sexuality, soul connection, and Tantra... in a shame Free, mostly sober container with a high emphasis on consent. There was plenty of poolside and jacuzzi cuddle/dancing time. These are all the things that make me feel tingly inside. I witnessed so much transformation. It was truly an opportunity to take it all off... (and I’m not talking about the clothes😉). This is my sort of tribe and I love being part of the global yummification of planet Earth.

And I’m so grateful for these radiant, embodied goddesses in my life! SO GOOD!


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