The Infinite Beauty You'll Find

My mind twists and turns and rattles about 

Convinced it must figure everything out

It plans for a future I cannot see

Forgetting there’s a Divine plan for me 

Oh but I must know the answers now 

Patience and trust my mind won’t allow 

So it thinks and plans and it decides

Alternatively it distracts and hides

All this causes so much stress 

Until I remember the eternal caress 

Oh my gosh why didn’t I think of this

I was so absorbed in my mind’s abyss

That I forgot that I can just rest 

Because my life is already blessed 

Everything will work out fine 

When I relax and open, I align

With the highest and most beautiful life

I can give up the struggle and strife 

Yes YES I remember now 

It’s all gonna fit together somehow

Yay, I feel so much relief

But this relief is often brief

Cause the mind starts up once more 

Planning and analyzing galore

Listen mind, you can chill the heck out 

Feel your fear, worry, and doubt

Cause they don’t have power over you

When you remember what is true 

That you are the calm in the storm 

Trusting the best outcome will take form

Enjoy your life as You wait 

So that the Universe can paint and create 

Open your heart my dear lovely mind 

And oh the Infinite beauty you will find


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