The True Power Of Orgasm

The True Power of Orgasm

“Sex is for making babies,” they taught us in school

Then society taught us that sex is cool

And there’s a man called God who says sex is bad

If we aren’t married he’ll get really mad

Our ancestor’s sexual pain is in our cells

Along with Thousands of years of distorted spells

Guilt, neediness, distraction, control and shame

No surprise that so many shut down and blame

But sex is a path to our own divine bliss

Our higher SELF and true essence we kiss

With the right person we open and trust

We explore and awaken with passion and lust

Whether it lasts for a short time or forever

Old wounds and hurts we fully feel and sever

When we commit to feeling our most painful feelings

We are blessed with the most incredible healings

The pleasure moves into every crevasse of your being

These waves of bliss indescribably freeing

We find out what our bodies are capable of

We realize the highest frequency is love

Not the conditional kind that demands and traps

The kind where old programs and beliefs collapse

We rise to a new multi orgasmic height

Our bodies explode in ecstatic light

We will no longer play small and fearfully cower

Our multidimensional SELF is our real Power

Our orgasmic pleasure has been so long denied

But the bliss in our genes will no longer hide

The ecstatic flow is a most powerful force

It carries us back to our original source

YES! YES! Orgasm can heal this land

We are raising Earth’s frequency, we are taking a stand


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