A client of mine walked in the other day in a slump and exclaimed, “I feel lost. Life is not so bad, but I wake up every morning with an aching feeling that I just don’t know what’s going on.” I told him he was talking to the right person because I so know that feeling of being lost. I remember some years ago feeling so lost that I finally concluded that perhaps I am an alien from another galaxy who arrived on Earth without being given a map or even the slightest of clues. All of the earthlings appeared to know what was up and were getting on with their “normal” lives and I was looking around in a state of total confusion going “what is this place and what the heck am  I doing here?

But looking back, the moments when I’ve felt most lost were the times when I cultivated the antidote to being lost… Trust. Sometimes I had to literally force myself into believing that everything was going to work out and that I was exactly where I needed to be, learning exactly what I needed to learn, even as a confused intergalactic traveler with no map and no clue. And time and time again it all works out. And the most beautiful gift is that trusting is now embodied into my cells. Even in the moments when my mind begins to spin out into some story that this time I’m officially lost and am headed aimlessly to nowhere, I don’t believe it for a second because my heart knows that life has its own path beyond what I can even dream up, and part of the plan may be to occasionally make us think we’re lost so we can reach deep within and find the trust. And in this chaotic world we live in, I believe trust is a major key to our sanity and happiness.

Here is a picture of me 6 years ago getting my tattoo in India. It’s a T for trust and my constant mermaid angel reminder.


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