TRUST: The Remedy For Feeling Lost

Yesterday a client of mine who I’ve been seeing for sometime walked in and proclaimed, “I just feel lost. I’ve got a successful business, I make plenty of money, and yet I often wake up in the morning feeling like the foundation has been pulled out underneath me and I can’t find my footing. It’s like the world just doesn’t make any sense and I don’t know what I’m doing.”

I can certainly relate as I’ve experienced feeling lost many times throughout my life. It’s an awful feeling because it’s not as if things are going “wrong” or life is “bad,” but it’s like you’re on this planet wandering around and everyone else seems to have a defined plan and path and you’re like, huh, what the hell am I doing here?

Fortunately, I’ve learned to navigate the feeling of being lost. I have a deeper understanding of my soul and am far, far more grounded into my body and onto the Earth, (this is a constant work in progress for me but I feel more at home than every before.) I have found that the primary remedy however is TRUST.

Learning to TRUST in life, God, the Universe, Yourself, or whatever other word you want to call it or way that you want to see it, is the most important step I have taken to get off of the wheel of feeling lost.

When we feel lost we have a sense that there is no order to this universe. We feel overwhelmed as we are just a small fish in an often cruel ocean of chaos. We are gripped by the fear that we are in the wrong place at the wrong time and that something went terribly wrong and somewhere along the way we got lost and we will never find our way home. Oh, gosh, I know this oh so well.

Yet as I learned to develop my Trust muscle, I began to understand that we are really just small fish in an often cruel ocean of chaos, but that there is a divine order to the ocean. That the ocean itself is looking after us and giving us exactly what we need in the perfect timing so that we can learn and grow into bigger fish that understand how to roll with the big, scary waves and how to get to the more clear and peaceful waters.

In fact, the more I trusted, the more I realized that Earth is a school, and we are experiencing exactly what we need to be experiencing in every moment. Although it appears to be random and chaotic, there is a ultimate plan.

Trust wasn’t something that came easily, I had to work to trust. There was a little part of me that was so scared that I was off course and things were all wrong. I had to cultivate trust, and I had to bring that little part of me back into the trust bubble and let her know that even when she was feeling most lost, she was always in the right place. It took years, and just when I thought I’d mastered trust, my trust was once again tested at new and more intense levels.

But during those times where my trust was deeply tested I grew. I had to fight to find my way back to trust even when I appeared to be lost. And then, just like it always does, I was taken care of and it all worked out.

Today I have nothing but full trust in the Universe, in myself and in the divine plan. Even in the moments where I have no idea what I’m doing and where life is going to take me, I don’t worry about it because I know that it’ll all work out, cause it always does.

I watch life like a good book, each scene a mystery. If I knew the ending it wouldn’t be as interesting, but I know there’s an ending, and I know it’s a happy one because I can feel it in my bones. And that ending is just another beginning, and my trust may get tested again and again. But underneath any fear or doubt or feelings that I am lost, which may come and go, my whole being is parading with TRUST.

When my client left, his last words were, “I just know it’s all going to come together.” Even though his mind feels lost and confused, his Higher Self Knows and Trusts.


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