You Can’t Get Off Your Path!

Can We Ever Really Get Off of Our Path?

Recently a dear friend of mine told a group we were working with that it is important to know when we are off our path so that we can get back on it. According to him, we can tell when we are off of our path when we come up against pain and blockages. Through self-work and various tools like meditation, Kambo, and shadow work, we get back onto our path.

Being the challenging madam that I am, I later told him that I disagree with him. I believe that even when it feels like we are off of our path, we are still on our path. At the most fundamental level, it is impossible for us to ever go wrong as we are ultimately all manifestation of God in a human suit having an earthly experience… and could God really go wrong? As if God would say, “oh darn, I really screwed that one up.” Impossible! 

On a less wacky and more grounded note, when we really look at our life, is it not the moments when we feel “off of our path” that often creates the lessons we are born to learn?

If I hadn’t had moments when I felt so frantically “off of my path,” then how could I write this blog and how could I support others as deeply as I’m able.

I reminded my friend that if he had not spent several years depressed, suicidal and desperate for a way out of his successful career as a visual artist and businessman, then he would never found kambo, (Amazonian frog medicine) which he is now a practitioner of, and he would not have his story of transformation that inspire and help others to heal their own life.

How could he argue?

Fate is what we sign up for, what we have no choice but to experience, live out and endure. This can be everything from the country we’re born in, the size of our nose, our parents, and our life crisis.

Destiny is what we do with it. It’s the way that we use what we’ve learned to be of service to others. When we work through those moments when we are “off of our path,” then we can help others who are in a similar situation, or perhaps we just use the strength we’ve gathered to be more of who we really are, or write a number one best selling book, or become a better parent and friend. Fulfilling our destiny is to fulfill our mission, and that may come from the moments when life is dark and we are “off our path.” Or are we?

Of course there are those people who don’t reach for the tools and unwilling to take an honest look at their shadows and they just can’t find their way out of the whole. They remain so stuck in their patterns that they are unable to even gain enough consciousness to realize they are stuck or that there could be another way. They are trapped in the illusion, they’ve forgotten entirely who they are and how much power they have inside of them. The 3D world has caught them, hook line and sinker.

But I still believe at some deep level in my soul that these people are still on their path, because Earth School is just one huge curriculum. People can wake up after long periods of painful and destructive sleep, and if they don’t do it this life, maybe they’ll do it next time round. From a human point of view, we want awakening to happen now, and we want it to all be ok. But on a soul level, it doesn’t matter so much, eventually we’re all going home to the infinitely beautiful place where we already are.

And lets face it, there are souls living right now on this planet who are not capable of waking up to anything more than their own pain or ignorance. They will spend the rest of their life fighting wars, or maybe just fighting with their wife while eating crap food and completely under the matrix control. Who are we to argue with reality after all?

This is Earth School, a huge rumble jumble of infinite possibilities and ways that God wants to experience Itself living life. All we can really do is our own inner work and TRUST fully that we are always being guided on our path.

You can’t go wrong! You are always, always on your path!


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