Your Penis is Not Junk, It's Divine!

Perhaps I’m late to the game, but I recently found out that men are calling their penis and testicles “junk” (check out urban dictionary). Where is this coming from? Men, your “junk” is a portal for creative, life force energy. It holds great power and deep mystery. Stop calling it junk and honor all the pleasure and gifts it bestows upon you. I realize not all men are ready to use the Tantric term “Lingam” which means “Pillar of Light,” but show yourself respect! As you proclaim the sacredness of your own penis, perhaps you’ll only use it in ways that bring peace, healing, harmony, and a lotta pleasure to the planet and the lucky one/s to be blessed by your Divine “junk.” 

The statue below symbolizes the Penis as well as the soul (great combo!) and has been worshiped all over India since ancient times. It’s surrounded by the Yoni (Tantric term for vagina), because true masculinity always exists with the feminine. Let’s throw out the junk and fully honor these miraculous bodies we’ve been blessed with, while celebrating the Masculine and Feminine that exists within us all.


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