Guidance For Couples

I teach couples the art of sacred intimacy. We create a safe and loving container to work through relationship patterns and create more love and connection.

  • Open to more emotional intimacy
  • Meditations and exercises for more soulful, heart centered relating
  • Work through relationship patterns and come into a place of love and connection
  • Communicate in a way that connects and heals rather than blames
  • resolve conflicts that are keeping you from happiness and a great sex life
  • Create commitments and practices to take home for a more loving relationship
  • Speak your needs and desires in a way that your partner can hear you
  • Pull down old walls that block intimacy
  • Rekindle your spark
  • Learn to be on the same team so you can both get what you want
  • Learn how to dance in the masculine and feminine for more pleasure
  • Learn tantric massage and tantric practices for more love and better sex

“We feel so much more peace and love in our relationship. Our communication is better and there’s a lot more space in between our conflicts. You exceeded our expectations.” -Baju and Teressa

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