I’ve taught tantra and intimacy workshops at festivals all over the country as well as London, and all over California. I help people have a more radiant connection with their Self and more fulfilling intimacy with others while seeing each moment as an opportunity for compassionate connection no matter what is happening. My workshops are unique and transformational, bringing deep healing and heart connection.

Some Of The Upcoming Workshops I Have Include:

June 22/23 Santa Cruz, California: Awaken Your Body to Bliss with Rope Tying and Tantric Connection Ceremony

June 28-30- Ashland Oregon- Mystic Rising Festival - Tantric Connection Ceremony and Tantric Massage

July 13-15 - Cincinnati Ohio - Tantric Goddess Retreat (for women only.)

July 25-28 - Barefest in Northern California. I'll be teaching several workshops at this Clothing optional festival.

August 1-6 - ISTA Tribal Gathering - Abrams Creek, West Virginia. I'll be offering workshops at this incredible retreat for those who have graduated from ISTA. 

October 31 - November 7 - Extraordinary Facilitator's Retreat for Tantra Teachers - Big Island of Hawaii. 

December 7-14 - Temple Arts of Money, Sex, And Power Retreat - Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. A week Long, incredible and Profound Retreat for those who wish to dive deep. With Monique Darling and Peter Petersen. 

February 1-5 2020 - Hawaii Tantra Festival. 

February 7-10 The Tantric Arts of S@x, Energy, Power, & Intimacy Los Angeles

February 13-16 The Tantric Arts of S@x, Energy, Power, & Intimacy - Washington DC area

Some of the Workshops I lead Include: 

Some Of The Workshops That I Have Taught Include:

Tantric Connection Ceremony

In this sacred ceremony, we will be guided through vulnerable, heart opening and playful exercises, rotating to explore with different partners.

Tantric Dance

Allow your sexual Energy, the most potent force in our body, to dance through you as you connect with yourself and others as the divine.

Sacred Massage

Come and learn the art of giving a tantric massage. I am passionate about tantric massage and believe absolutely everyone should know about this!

Embodied Intimacy

Come with one partner to go on a journey of intimacy with. Learn knew skills to go deeper in vulnerability and open to unconditional love.

Yoni Worshipping Ceremony

For women only. Women, come learn about your bodies, orgasms, and how to worship the yoni as a portal to the divine. Plus, open your heart to greater connection and vulnerability with other women.

Self Love and Empowered Relating

In this heart-centered tantra workshop, we deeply connect with the wisdom of ourselves, our bodies, and each other through breath, movement, touch and communication practices. We are guided through vulnerable, healing, and heart opening exercises that cultivate the remembrance of our True Self, our connection to all beings, and our most potent purpose for being an embodied human.

Benefits include:

  • Moment by moment compassionate awareness for greater peace and creativity
  • Free yourself from guilt, shame, and fear
  • love your miraculous body and live from its wisdom and sensual aliveness
  • Own your worthiness and speak fully empowered from your truth
  • Forgive yourself and others
  • Harness your sexual, life force energy to live your highest destiny
  • Own your fantasies and embrace your shadows for radical Self acceptance
  • Release unconscious beliefs so your authentic Self can light up the world
  • Pull off layers of armor so you can connect deeply and soulfully with others

Conscious Communication and Massage Workshop

As a long-term bodyworker, touch magician, and tantric massage artist, I am absolutely passionate about the healing power of touch.

I offer sessions and workshops to singles and couples, offering them a safe space to explore empowered communication and sacred touch exercises.

First, we get in touch with our own boundaries, learning to communicate our YES and No as well as our desires and requests.

Then we learn how to offer massage and touch in a way that is enlivening.

Some of these events are clothes on events and others may include full body sensual tantric massage.

“That workshop was the most amazing workshop of my entire life. I cannot believe how much I learned and months later, I feel like I’m still learning from it.” -Carl

My workshops are always changing, please contact me for more information!

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